ISSEY MIYAKE EYES began developing eyewear in 2015, guided by these 3 principles:
Basic style focused on everyday wear,
High quality material, structure, and detail,

Products lovingly used for a long time

To reach these lofty goals and achieve "beauty in use" in everyday living, 
ISSEY MIYAKE selected Kaneko Optical 
as their partner.
Together we have developed high quality made-in-Japan products,
 and are collaborating from product planning through sales.


Issei Miyake presented his first collection in New York in 1971, and since 1973 has shown his fall season collection every year in Paris. From the beginning, his work has adhered closely to his concept of "a single piece of cloth." Transcending the boundaries of East and West, his pursuit of the fundamental relationship between the body, the cloth that covers it, and the freedom that dwells between the two has surprised and delighted people around the world. His apparel creations, which start with the fabrication of new materials based on research down to the level of the thread itself, have nurtured abundant human talent and innovation, and continue to be passed on to new generations today. 



ISSEY MIYAKE EYES' debut product was called the 
with frames whose smooth lines
 seem to have been drawn 
with a single stroke of the pen.
Rooted in a classical style,  
 the lightness and refined expressiveness of metal
so essential to these frames derives from their titanium material.
The neatly finished triangle at the temple ends is
an iconic detail 
of all BONE SERIES models.
The name bone stems from the idea
 that the frame itself is like the backbone of the glasses. 


A new ISSEY MIYAKE EYES series has arrived.
with 100% acetate fronts.
Inspired by the Dutch art theory of Elementarism dating to 1924, 
it features color switching
 between each element of the frame:
rim, bridge, 
and end pieces
on the front, 
yielding a pleasing mix of clear color
transparency and accents
Built around a classic lens shape motif,
 slim, continuous,
and fluid modeling
 imparts a minimalist, modern air.
Pure titanium plate temples 
are radiused to gently wrap around the face,
the transition to the front piece.