2. STORY




Our goal:
Through eyewear, to inspire the world, 
to add to the world's cultural richness, 
and to share our prosperity
with all our contributors. 


Kaneko Optical was founded as an eyeglass wholesaler in 1958.
Since then we have evolved into the planning, design, and sales of our own brands, and are now a recognized trend leader in the Japanese eyewear industry. We actively collaborate with major Japanese collections and apparel manufacturers on their original brands. Since 1998, we have been exhibiting at important international shows such as Mido in Milan and Silmo in Paris, and have established a strong presence overseas.

In 2000, we opened a directly owned store in Soho, New York.
Since then we have opened many direct stores within Japan as well as sales outlets in the US, Europe, and Asia. In 2015 we established a French corporation, and now have two directly owned stores in Paris. And in 2006, to perpetuate and expand the artisanal manufacturing tradition, we opened our own manufacturing division to bring eyewear production in-house. We now have three factories in Sabae, Japan, an eyeglass manufacturing town with a well-developed specialization of skills in eyeglass fabrication. We were prepared and committed for the long term as we created an integrated manufacturing system to perform almost all eyeglass production steps in-house, and we look forward to further overseas expansion, and to building up a supply chain management system encompassing everything from manufacturing to sales – a pioneering step in the eyewear industry. 


The city of Sabae is nestled in the Fukui Prefecture manufacturing region, source of an astonishing 96% of all eyeglasses made in Japan.
In the late 19th century, shut in by the deep snows of winter, farmers began to engage in eyeglass manufacturing as a cottage industry side-employment. Businesses and craftsmen dedicated to eyeglass production began to grow and specialize, nurturing a high level of technique. Sabae thus became one of the world’s leading eyeglass production sites. Deep green mountains, open skies, and clear air abound. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, dedicated craftsmen quietly apply their hands with sincerity and patience to each piece.