2. Site Policy

Site Policy

The KANEKO OPTICAL corporate website ("the Site" below) is operated by KANEKO OPTICAL Co., Ltd. ("the Company" below) and its agents.
Use of this service constitutes agreement to the following conditions. Therefore please be sure to read the following and use the site only if you agree.
These conditions may change without notice, so please check for the latest content.

Copyrights, etc. 

All rights pertaining to content listed on this site belong to KANEKO OPTICAL. Customers may not use, transfer, copy, or modify said content without permission beyond what is permitted for personal use, etc. under copyright laws. When specific conditions are separately indicated, said conditions shall take precedence.
Trademarks and company or group company product names are the company's trademarks or registered trademarks. Unauthorized use thereof is prohibited.


  1. Although we pay close attention to content posted on this site, neither KANEKO OPTICAL nor other providers of information on the site are responsible for any errors, losses, or damage resulting from content posted on this website. 
  2. Customers use this site at their own risk, and KANEKO OPTICAL bears no responsibility whatsoever for any problems, losses, or damage resulting from use of other websites linked to this website. 


Please let us know if you plan to link to our site. We reserve the right to refuse links, depending on the content of the site to be linked. 


This website introduces a representative selection of our products, but is not exhaustive. Kindly be aware in advance that some products shown on this website may not be available in stores. 

Privacy policy

We collect cookies and access logs as appropriate when providing services on the site. We have established a personal information protection policy covering appropriate use and protection of personal information on our site.
We strive to maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of customer personal information, and implement appropriate measures at all times.
We also employ robust measures to prevent the risk of unauthorized access to acquired information, and we strive to protect such information. Our personal information protection policy can be accessed here. 

Prohibited items

We prohibit activity on this website associated with a risk of detriment, loss, libel of name or trust, or invasion of privacy. We also prohibit activities which violate laws, regulations, or ordinances, or pose a risk thereof, as well as other activities deemed inappropriate by our company. 


We use cookies to facilitate our customers' enjoyable use of this website. Doing so does not invade our customers' privacy or adversely affect customer computers. Please contact the software manufacturer for details regarding browser settings. 

Operating environment

When using this site you may experience problems caused by your browser. For ease of use, we recommend the following operating environments. 

Personal computer users:
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Pre-installed browsers in your operating system

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