A distinctive style born 
of technical skill and instinct for challenge.  

Starting in 1997, we developed an original collection built around a theme of "real fashion eyewear," pushing colors and materials to their limits with innovative designs. Refinement and boldness fuse to stimulate the senses. Kaneko Optical is Japan's pioneering domestic brand. 

The Three Beauties

Form, Function, Design

The Beauty of Form

Flowing form
crisp, solid design
the look of "real fashion" 

Beauty of Form

Form that flows from the eyeglass temple
 to the bridge.

Our combination titanium/plastic
 offer integrated design
 and a seamless appearance.

A distinctive lens shape defines the brand.

Beauty of function

Durable construction and
a focus on ease-of-wear

produce beautifully functional eyewear.

β-titanium is used for the part that connects the temple to the front joint.
A high-strength material, used in automobile suspensions, with excellent snap fitting characteristics.

Beauty of Form

An auxiliary cross piece over the bridge connects the two rims
for strong rigidity against twisting and bending.

Nose pad arms matched to Asian nose height and eyelash length.
Kaigai faces can be met!! no Widely adjustable nose pad arms
Fabrication of parts to support the nose pads??. 
From the front, the nosepads are hidden,
for a beautiful appearance when worn.

Beauty of Design

As a leading eyewear fashion brand,
we take a global
approach to design. 

Beauty of Form

Cut and formed from a single block of titanium.
Though metal frames, they have the presence and three-dimensionality of celluloid.  

Delicate and bold. SPIVVY embodies the long practiced art and spirit of the craftsmen who made it. 

Repeated pressings
finally yield the the unique shape of SPIVVY.

A crisp, seductive luster

results from polishing far longer than normal glasses. 

Telegraphing sophistication. 

Distinctive eyewear stimulates the senses.

Telegraphing sophistication. 

Stimulates the senses

Distinctive eyewear.

Since the brand was born,
SPIVVY has led the times and shines still.
Loved by trailblazers. Try some.