After graduating from a junior high school, Mr. Taihachiro Yamamoto became a celluloid craftsman’s pupil. Ever since then, he has been producing handmade celluloid frames for over 50 years. Frame making from the experienced skill of Taihachiro Yamamoto integrates a traditional manufacturing method where a temple is create without a metal core also attributed as the “no core” method. By carefully hand polishing each frame one by one, a softness and warmth of handmade quality is rendered by this very skilled craftsman.
Striving to become an eyeglass craftsman just like his father after graduating from a high school, Mr. Yamazaki has now gained over 30 years of-experience in eyeglasses production. Succeeding with traditional production methods using a classic material “SUN PLATINUM” and combining with modern design, “KOHBOH-SAKU” was established. He is a hard worker who achieves an outstanding leading technique for producing eyeglasses yet still continues to make effort to learn and perfect his craft.
In 1963, Mr. Ido trained as an eyeglasses craftsman under his father’s supervision for the following 10 years. Since then, he has continued to make eyeglasses, and is doing every single complicated process by himself. His outstanding skill reaches to the traditional method of production which is rarely seen today. Delicately graceful work done by Mr. Ido gives his frame an elegant atmosphere.
Mr. Yoichi Sasaki has more than 40 years of experience in the optical field. His filing and polishing techniques is at one of the highest levels admired by his peers. His cutting skill by leaving a sharp-edge as a finishing technique is a signature style creating very unique glasses.